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Geisha Bingo-Virtual bingo offering chat games & happy hour!

Geisha Bingo is completely different to any thing else in the online bingo world at the moment. Geisha Bingo offers 'virtual bingo' - it's just like a real life bingo hall. Your 'virtual self' walks around, chooses a table to sit at, talks to other players at the table....We have the best chat games and of couse Happy hour!

Geisha Bingo - Has virtual bingo offering chat games and happy hour daily!

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Geisha Bingo offer table games like no other site as well as 2 happy hours per day with minimum pots of $60 and reload bonuses of up to 50% !! Geisha Bingo's software is download only, but takes a very short time to get onto your PC. Geisha Bingo looks very different to any other bingo chat game and takes a while to get used to. You'll need to take a while to acquaint yourself with the workings of the site and virtual bingo. The first thing that you should direct your 'virtual self' up the stairs, into your chosen room and select yourself a table to sit at. Once you've sat down, you can start playing. By clicking PLAY in between games. Whilst playing you have an overview of your table and the three other player sitting with you. Your cards appear above your table and the game window includes all the usuals; game shape, current number, prize, jp, balls called, # of balls called. Card purchase is done between games only, by But the really unique part of the Geisha Bingo game is when it comes to chat. Yes there's a space to type your chat, but when you press send, the chat appears as a speech bubble above your icon. COOL !!! This form of chat really gives you the feeling that you're talking with the rest of the people at your table. And it's probably the reason why chat games at Geisha Bingo, like the 'Big Night In', are so much fun.

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Geisha Bingo - Has virtual bingo offering chat games and happy hour daily!

Geisha Bingo - Has virtual bingo offering chat games and happy hour daily!

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