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Bingo Lingo - Learn Bingo Lingo here and have fun!

We've divided bingo lingo into two sections, section one covers the most common Bingo terms that everyone uses, and section two that looks at chat room lingo.

Bingo Terms

Blackout where the whole card needs to be covered to win - essentially, the pattern is the whole card 
Caller the method of calling out the numbers for the players -can either be a machine or a person 
Chat Room a window that opens beside your game that allows you to talk to other players and receive their answers.  
Coverall virtually the same as a 'Blackout' the whole card needs to be covered to win 
Early Bird Game  a game that starts before the advertised games schedule starts. 
Free Space the square in the middle of your card that's free and adds to your pattern 
Game Board  a board displayed at the top of the screen that shows the winning balls 
Game room these are specific smaller groups that make the chat feature more personal and easier to manage 
Jackpot  a more difficult to achieve pattern with a set number of balls that pays a bigger prize than a regular game 
Pattern to win, players must complete a pattern of numbers on their cards. A classic example would be a blackout 

Chat Room Lingo

?4U  a question for you   IS  sorry 
? please explain   JKA
just kidding around 
ASAP  as soon as possible  JPA  just playing around 
BFN bye for now  K okay 
BAC   back at computer  LOL  laugh out loud 
CUL see yer later  LTR long term relationship 
DIY  do it yourself  M  man/male 
FYI for your information  NP no problem 
F  woman/female  PLZ  please 
GALP get a life pal  THX thanks 
GG  good game  TMA  take my advice 
H&K huggs/kisses  TY thank you  
HAND  have a nice day  WOT  waste of time 
HFN have fun  WTG way to go 
IDGI  i don't get it  YW  you're welcome 

Bingo Lingo - Learn all the Bingo Lingo here and make Bingo more fun!

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